What Makes You Happy?

‘What Makes You Happy?’ is an ongoing collaborative exhibition between myself and The Grange, branching out to members of the public with mental and physical disabilities. A disability focused exhibition, my aim is to provide inclusion by supporting people into the world of professional arts and crafts, this project having the potential to showcase in a variety of different places. It is designed to provide a platform to showcase each individual’s talent and skill. I believe that everybody has the potential to create art, and with the right guidance and support anybody can create to a professional quality. I aspire to provide a service teaching craft skills tailored to each individual. This project aims to be the first step towards making this opportunity happen.

*This project is part of my MA Research. Used as a catalyst for the future, providing 1:1 craft based skills tutoring to all that desire to learn more.

If you want to be a part of this project or know someone who would benefit from this, please feel free to email me for further information.

Happy Crafting!

*This project has been altered so that you can join in within your own home, so during this time you can still be a part of this project!