Hello. I’m Kellie!

I am currently undertaking a Master’s Degree in Textiles at University of the Creative Arts (UCA) in Farnham, and I work part-time tutoring at a charity that supports adults with disabilities. I am using my study time to combine my studies with my career by setting up a studio to tutor crafts for individuals in a 1:1 support setting.

My MA research is focused on disability awareness. Embracing the individual, their personalities and differences, I want to further showcase these as desirable traits in the world of professional arts and crafts. Through creative collaboration between myself and the people I support, this work celebrates us all making together, from physical hands on interaction, to conversations and time spent in each other’s company.

My personal website is a hub for this experimentation and play, exploring the many different ideas I have for future ideas and plans. I hand craft all of my work, valuing the process of making and the time spent doing so!

I run workshops working with groups ranging from 3-5 people, but I feel like I could develop individuals further with closer support in a quiet and open setting.

I want to run a service where I can deliver 1:1 workshops which inspire people of all abilities to learn a new craft. Something fun, relaxing, and time occupying that they can use throughout their lives. Tailored to the individual, a 1:1 support setting would provide the time to alter workshops to suit the needs and desires of each person, where they can make without limitations or boundaries.

I also believe that individuals would benefit from the opportunity to launch their own platforms that they can use to develop their own ‘brand’ if desired. As well as supporting in making, I truly believe that all people should be given the opportunity to professionalise themselves in the world of art with any needed support in a backstage setting. So to put it in a friendly context ‘I’ve got your back!’

I am currently based in Surrey where I spend many hours knitting at home, along with spinning, darning, stitching, dyeing, printing, and any other crafty activities I discover along the way! I am currently raising funds for equipment that I can use to teach people skills in the future. Currently I am saving for an electronic spinning wheel.

Thank you for visiting!